The President we need in 2015

As the clock is winding down to 2015,the much awaited year in Nigeria for the general elections. There are a lot of emotions,some laden with fear,other with excitement but generally there is apprehension in the air because this is the much touted year for Nigeria as we know it either move forward and finally get her acts right or for the break up of the country. Baring all these in mind what qualities must a person possess to rule this country come 2015 to save NIgeria from the destruction it’s facing today.
Since 1982,the year of my birth we have witnessed only 3 democratically elected presidents into office whose elections were all fraught with issues that I would not delve into,all these Presidents leave much to be desired. We thought Olusegun Obasanjo was somewhat of a brute and a dictator,Musa Yaradua’s well we cannot really evaluate because he was battling an ailment that eventually killed him,then Goodluck Jonathan,by far the worst of the lot,under him Nigeria has capitulated to insurgency,kidnappings,killings and the worst cancer of them all corruption
This brings us to the most burning question what qualities must the next president of Nigeria possess to be able to deliver this nation from the brinks which it is at.
In my own opinion which is not a very exhaustive one
The first is a person whom is not known to be tribalistic,which invariably means would not favor his part of the country over the rest because this is a major problem which is tearing this country apart.This evident from the first coup that happened in 1966 tribal and ethnic favoritism was the cause.
The next quality is a known hard liner against corruption which above all other qualities is the most sacrosanct because most of the problems this country is having,is a result of the high level of corruption which is now the other of the day.Billions are been stolen daily from the coffers of government unabated
The next which is the knowledge and understanding of Nigeria’s history since amalgamation in 1914 because this would help in understanding the complexities and diversity which lies in Nigeria.hence would be help in decision making on important issues that would move the nation forward.
Based on the qualty above it goes without saying that the person should be highly educated and not oblivious to happenings around the world
One would embrace everyone irrespective of his or her religion.
One who has worked in the system from the bottom,meaning someone who rose through the ranks in one institution of government or other the to understand the system better.
One who had his education in Nigeria atleast some of it even if he did further his studies outside the country.
One who has respect for culture and tradition because it goes without saying that this is still something that applies in our everyday life.
A very eloquent person,who would be able to explain policies of his government to the understanding of the populace as this is a very common problem with our past leaders whose policies however well intended are poorly explained thus creating more confusion. This isn’t a very exhaustive write up but just a few pointers to the type of traits a president who intends to rule this country called Nigeria should exhibit. We are going through trying times and the quality of leadership we get come 2015 would to a large extent decide we we are headed as a country.